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COVID19 website reboot

Let's cut the crap, this COVID19 lockdown is pretty shit! Sorry, there is no time for eloquence when it comes to venting about this dreaded virus and its impact on the world right now. As a post-apocalyptic author I thought it would be more glamourous and certainly more exciting than this.

So, as our post-apocalyptic wagon sits gathering dust, we're forced to naval gaze and contemplate the meaning(less) of life between Netflix, and PS4, and Facebook and... dare I say it BOOKS! Now, more than ever, is the time to write and the time to read.

My website has been sitting idle for quote sometime, awaiting the right moment/trigger/stimulus to enable a reboot. COVID19 and the total lockdown we find ourselves in here on the shores of the little island on the bottom of the world known as Aotearoa or New Zealand, has sparked in me a much needed zest for life. I've found my mojo once again. So, enjoy this, the new and improved home of the Dark of Dawn series, and of my writing.

Stay safe and #staythefuckathome We got this!


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