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Lockdown Caffeine

As New Zealanders hunker down for their second week of the COVID19 Delta variant lockdown, the streets of Aotearoa have become eerily quiet. As a post-apocalyptic writer, it is hard not to find similarities between the world as we know it, and my fictional worlds each time I venture out for groceries. Human behaviour is predictable, and this current outbreak has seen the same trends — toilet paper, flour and other essentials selling out in no time.

Binge-watching series on Netflix, NEON, Amazon Prime and other streaming outlets has become the new normal, as we all struggle to find ways to cope and be entertained. Books (remember them?) are being read again, which, as an author is a pleasing trend.

I write at cafes and I am starved of my creative space. #strugglingtofindawritingspace. That said, I have cleared out desk space and have managed to find focus to write and I’m working on some cool projects:

— writing book three in the Dark of Dawn series

— publishing my book of poetry: butterfly blue coat

— hunting down a producer for my NZ feature film Splintered

— crowdfunding Escape the Horde (cardgame)

Loads on, time’s short, spinning plates. I’ll post a new poem soon, and a few options for Patrons (request a poem). Support me on Patreon for as little as $5 a month

Take care. Stay safe.


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